Uplift - Chavez Fellows 2013

Welcome! This page will be used as a central storage location for all information you will need for the 2013 Fellowship.

News & Accomplishments

June 19, 2013

Our Voice Chavez Suggestion Box App has been published on Google Play! Just in time for student presentations tomorrow (June 20th). We wish the Chavez Fellows much success and look forward to working with them on more app projects!

June 17, 2013

The Chavez Fellows have been working extremely hard on their app and are almost done - just a few more tweaks and it will be read to publish. Below are screenshots of the app and a general guidelines page is in the works! We are so very proud of their hard work!

Chavez - Our Voices Chavez - Our Voices

Chavez - Our Voices

June 6, 2013

Chavez Fellows plan their deliverables - their app, presentation, video, and op-ed. Two weeks to go....

Chavez Fellows - Planning their app, presentation, video, and op-ed


June 5, 2013

Chavez Fellows completed Uplift's infamous Peanut Butter & Jelly Activity to learn important concepts in computer programming. They also read and discussed what the poem 'Our Deepest Fear' by Marianne Williamson. The students thought the poem was "deep!"

Chavez Fellows complete the peanut butter & jelly activity to learn concepts in computer programming


June 4, 2013

This morning's conversation about public policy - what is it and why is it needed was extremely engaging. There was plenty of evidence to suggest that many 'lightbulbs' went off throughout the discussion. The Fellows are now ready to proceed with their projects with deeper understanding. The Fellows also solidified their ideas and expanded them beyond apps to include other platforms to deliver their message. During our first break, the Fellows were introduced to an Uplift favorite - the Ladder Ball, which they seem to enjoy! The afternoon was spent exploring the Scratch website and each Fellow chose a project to dissect, play, and learn more about. Scratch lessons continue tomorrow....

June 3, 2013:

The Fellows had their first app brainstorming session today. Determining a 'great' idea for an app is no easy feet, especially if it's your first time and you've been asked to do it. Sorry about the blur.... but it might be a great expression of how hard this process can be. We give them much credit for the attempt - they did eventually list a few ideas. To be continued... Nice job!

Chavez Fellows - App Brainstorming Session #1


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